November 25 - December 16, 2018


KAYOKOYUKI will hold the second show by PUGMENT, the fasion label, 2019 Spring/Summer collection, “SPRING 2019”, starting November 25th.

PUGMENT has created and exhibited clothing collections by extracting the relationship between clothes and humanity, city, and society through various methods such as video, photography, and performance. Some examples are “MAGNETIC DRESS,” in which details of clothes found on the street are photographed and printed, and “IMAGE,” a clothing line made of ashes from the incineration of used military wear.

This exhibition is made in the motif of discommunication arising from gaps between meanings or images evoked by words. When one tries to communicate their experience to another person through language, the words cannot help but are connected to this person’s own experiences, resulting in a new, imaginary landscape. Works constituting the exhibition are a clothing collection, paintings, and a group of sculptural objects based on materials collected through observing such processes.

A fashion label founded by Masahiro Otani and Karin Imafuku in 2014. Through observation of the transformation process in value and meaning of clothing in human activity, they incorporate this spirit into the production process of their clothes. Focusing on the relationship between human and images concerning fashion, they create and exhibit clothing in order to find different viewpoints on existing values, environments, and information.
Recently, PUGMENT presented their work in “Fall 2018, 1XXX‒2018‒2XXX" at KAYOKOYUKI, Utrecht and n id a deux, Tokyo, 2018, "New Rube Goldberg Machine" at KAYOKOYUKI and Komagome SOKO, Tokyo, 2016, "THE EXPOSED#9 passing pictures" at G/P gallery SHINONOME, Tokyo, 2015.
They held a fashion show in June 2017 at a jointly managed artist-run space to exhibit their 2018 spring/summer collection. In October of that year, they conducted a performance in collaboration with photographer Kenta Cobayashi at “Unseen Amsterdam” in the Netherlands.
Lives and works in Tokyo.